Winter Reserved Kids 2015

New „Ice North” and „Super Natural” collections have been strongly influenced by Scandinavian inspired rawness and minimalism. Though they are both based on very cold esthetics (think limited color palette that includes shades of white, gray, black and turquoise) and feature very rough, simple cuts, they have this cosy, warm feeling.

Comfy, practical, very casual, fill of this one-of-a-kind Scandinavian cosiness. Warmth in the line comes from the fabrics (thick, chunky modern cotton mixes, faux-furs, quilted materials and knits), light colors, and silhouettes those like warm overalls and rompers.

Bold black & white prints bring some interest to the boys collection, while girls line includes motif of the aurora. Ad campaign that promotes the line is all about simple Scandinavian esthetics, with minimal set design reminiscent of kid’s book illustrations from northern fairy tales.

Check out the new kids collection in stores now! Reserved in Arena Mall

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