Colectia RESERVED Toamna-Iarna 2015

Reserved Toamna-Iarna 2015

Lookbook WOMAN Winter 2015 – “The amazing 1970’s”

Reserved’s winter collection is a eclectic mix of boho chic and modern design. Though the lookbook reflects cult ideas, colors and fabrics of the 1970’s, it is definitely contemporary, and the stylings sometimes reach as high as fashion avantgarde.

Winter adventure in Reserved’s collection starts with a combination of warm, textural fabrics. The most used materials are suede, faux-fur, wool felt and raw denim. They provide instant „wow” effect, thanks to high quality, strong character, and three-dimensional structure. Materials like those are reminiscent of hippie fashion, but they give comfort for most demanding customers who seek modern design. Warm, knitted „total look”, knit pencil skirts, chunky wool coats and ponchos are just a few examples of retro fashion with practical approach in this collection. Clothes are versatile, thanks to the rich heritage of the 1970’s style. It is a mix of feminine looks like those once worn by Lauren Hutton, with more masculine outfits known from Diane Keaton’s style. Unobvious and surprising accents act as a complement: subtle combinations of prints, textures (leather/ lace/ thick wool) and layered styling are a key.

Collection is full of delicate colors taken from the world of nature. It is dominated by soft gray, black, brown, ocher, bordeaux and dark green. Boho vibe has been created from details such as fringes, Navajo prints ant tie patterns (or contrary – bold black and white stripes). In the area of cuts there’s been lots of winter classics along with the season’s must haves: culottes, flared jeans, tiny tops and  bow-neck blouses.

Lookbook MEN Winter 2015 – Functional elegance

In this collection Reserved designers aimed to combine the traditional tailoring with anything that is fresh. The lookbook shoot reveals this idea showing a great mix of sporty, comfortable pieces as well as classy elements like semi-formal jackets and suits.

There’s been a great stress put on selection of fabrics. High quality was a priority here. A lot of attention has been also put on details, that make the collection eclectic, yet harmonious and functional. Quilted jackets appear in a nice deep red color. Indigo pants were designed to be worn with a suit jacket. Mélange sweaters and semi-shirts are also key-pieces of the collection. The choice of clothes is really big. Color palette of men’s collection is all about dark hues and neutral pepper-and-salt textiles, brightened up here and there by vibrant orange and red.

Many different inspirations can be found among the lookbook shoot, from 50s and 60s American college style, through Rockabilly, lumberjack style, ending with looks borrowed from an English gentleman. Despite this extraordinary combination of tendencies, the collection is harmonious, and all different elements work together very well. It is brave, but very safe. It’s full of practical blouses, jerseys, sweatshirts, quilted sport jackets, warm sweaters, very innovative, but based on classics. Though this contrast seems unreal, in fact it leads a perfectly designed harmonious concept that represents modern canon of highest quality men’s fashion.

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